This Statute establishes principles and guidelines by which WINKORE is governed, providing for privacy, standardization and advertising policies, prescribing prohibited conduct and responsibilities.

Winkore is a Startup that provides monetized products and services, linked to the disruptive market, whose structural philosophy is based on blockchain and Smart Contracts, reconciling the remuneration of its affiliates through a decentralized, instant and distributed network.



Art. 1 As a knowledge promoter and attentive to the constant changes of the Information Society, Winkore seeks the satisfaction of its customers and affiliates, governed by the following principles:

a) Digital inclusion;

b) Continued innovation;

c) Shared economy;

d) Human empowerment;

e) Solidarity;

f) Universality.



Art. 2. The fundamental objectives of Winkore and basic guidelines are governed by:

a) Share knowledge and seek solutions to the challenges imposed by the disruptive market;

b) Enable financial self-determination and economic mobility for customers and affiliates;

c) Monitor, through the access platform, the personal and professional development of members, providing them with the tools, theoretical and practical knowledge of the activities performed by Winkore;

d) Build a network of professionals who can contribute to the expansion of the information worked on, transforming it into monetized knowledge, providing them with the necessary tools that enable autonomy through the blockchain; risk management, using the smart contract, making payment self-executing, instantaneous, for the benefit of affiliates.


Privacy Policy 

Art. 3. Our privacy policy aims to guarantee and ensure any information related to affiliates and the company. Personal data of our customers will not be disclosed or commercialized. All information will be kept confidential and will be under the tutelage and care of Winkore.

Art. 3-A. All information is collected within the Winkore virtual platform, if there is a purpose for product or service subscription. When the partnership is closed, we will receive the customer’s personal data to carry out the operation orders with the accompanying follow-up, with full transparency and assistance in case of doubts.

Art. 3-B. It is of utmost importance not to share a user’s registration information with any other individual, restricting their access to themselves in order to protect their data. It should also be noted that when accessing the registration made with Winkore, the customer consents, agrees and accepts the terms and conditions of the contract. If you do not agree with it, the user must stop using the services. Thus, the partner cannot:

a) Remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices from any part of the services;

b) Reproduce, modify, prepare derivative works, distribute, license, rent, sell, resell, transfer, exhibit, transmit, transmit or, in any other way, exploit the services, except as expressly permitted by Winkore;

c) Decompile, reverse engineer or disassemble the services, except as permitted by applicable law;

d) Connect, mirror or cut any part of the services and advertising materials, and should only disclose the official content of the company, available on the website and on the official social networks (Youtube and Facebook);

e) Try to obtain unauthorized access to the services or harm any aspect of the services or their related systems or networks;

Art. 3-C. In case of death of the partner, your account will be transferred to the legal heir, under the terms of the Law. Art. 

3-D. This Privacy Policy was prepared in accordance with Federal Law no. 12,965 of April 23, 2014 (Marco Civil da Internet), with Federal Law no. 13,709. of August 14, 2018 (Personal Data Protection Act) and with EU Regulation no. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (European General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data – RGDP).


Standardization Policy

Art. 4. Social networks are virtual spaces common to the interaction of people, and the improper practices inherent to the electronic digital market may be harmful not only to Winkore, but especially to affiliates who strive to publicize the project correctly, strictly attending to standardization prepared by the Media Department.

Art. 4-A. It is forbidden to use the word “official” in publicizing individuals, groups and events. Term used only by Winkore.

Art. 4-B. Use the official materials available on the company’s website. Alteration of its contents is prohibited.

Art. 4-C. All extra materials created for network marketing, whether online or in print, must be based on the APN and official company rules, such as the business presentation manual, the social media usage manual, all available on the official website.

Art. 4-D. The rules for using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Linkedln, in addition to being guided by ethical, legal issues, with respect to moral, social, right to image, prohibit creating channels with the name of Winkore.

Art. 4-E. You should not download official videos and post them on other channels, so as not to diminish the importance of official content. Instead of incurring this transgression, share the media from the official YouTube channel on your social networks or add them to your Playlist.

Art. 4-F. Always use the following description in private videos: “THIS VIDEO IS NOT AN OFFICIAL CONTENT FROM WINKORE. Always view corporate publications through the official letter.

Art. 4-G. All social networks mentioned above must follow the guidelines of this Statute and adapt to the standardization of Winkore.

Art. 4-H. In case of doubts about the disclosure authorization, Winkore’s prior consultation is established as to how to do so.

Art. 4-I. The advertising that the company may carry out can be updated, revised and rectified in order to meet the specific legislation and the business need in view of the market’s competitiveness, whose changes of a strictly advertising nature will not be conditioned to the consent of the contracting affiliate.

Art. 4-J. Winkore is open to suggestions from partners, ideas, projects and models for presentation, advertising and dissemination raised by affiliates, whose implementation will pass through the scrutiny of the project’s creators.



Art. 5. It is forbidden to use the Winkore brand and the products made available on the service platform for the illicit, discriminatory, party-political purpose, in addition to the following practices:

Art. 5-A. Make a public offering of securities, for which you offer a public contract, promising income, whether fixed income, variable income or any type of remuneration on behalf of Winkore;

Art. 5-B. Make stock purchase recommendations, sales or issue a report, influencing third parties on behalf of Winkore;

Art. 5-C. Subcontract with third parties, subject to the results of the proprietary table, regardless of whether the party was aware of the prohibition, of which the contracting partner was previously aware;

Art. 5-D. It is strictly prohibited to transmit to Winkore as an investment or other activity restricted to financial institutions;

Art. 5-E. Use derogatory expressions and associate them with the project, assign it a different legal nature and not respect the standardization imposed by Winkore;

Art. 5-F. Offend the physical, moral and dignity of project Employees, partners, representatives and affiliates;

Art. 5-G. Constitute offices in public or private spaces, granting them the status of Official Office of Winkore, unless expressly authorized;

Art. 5-G. Act in bad faith and without transparency, omitting the forms required by Winkore, when necessary for the control and analysis of Winkore’s operations and supervision, always aiming at its best functioning;

Art. 5-G. Use of third party tax data for receipt purposes, whether relative or not; therefore, only the data of the affiliate will be allowed;

Art. 5-H. Failure to comply with the principles, guidelines and determinations of Winkore representatives, as well as to hinder the feasibility of its internal policy.



Art. 6. The following penalties are established in case of non-compliance with the terms of this Statute:

Art. 6-A. Verbal warning;

Art. 6-B. Written notice;

Art. 6-C. The ban on attending Winkore events;

Art. 6-D. Loss of prizes;

Art. 6-E. Account lockout (login).


Adopted Procedures

Art. 7. The penalties specified in Title VI are graded as follows:

Art. 7-A. Two verbal warning reprimands carry the written warning penalty;

Art. 7-B. Two written reprimands carry the penalty that prohibits participation in events by the offender;

Art. 7-C. Exceeding the gradation of the penalties mentioned above in this title, the penalty that imposes the restriction on the participation of events will be applied;

Art. 7-D. The reiteration of the reprimand for restricting the participation of events will imply account lockout (login);

Art. 7-E. Affiliates already punished by blocking the login, who returned to the project, if they again violate the present Statute, they will be permanently excluded.


General Provisions 

Art. 8. Winkore will give preference to all forms of dialogue, composition, mediation and conciliation in an attempt to solve any problems that come to its knowledge, which is why it adopts all means admitted in Private International Law, ensuring the individual guarantees provided for in Article Law, such as broad defense and adversarial and due process.

Art.9. The present Statute is not immutable and will seek to adapt to the imperative changes that Startups linked to decentralized payment go through.

Art.10. Any gaps and antinomies will be filled and adjusted by Winkore’s Legal and Compliance Office.

Art.11. This Statute adopts the principle of technological neutrality, the basic principle of Domestic and Comparative Digital Law, prohibiting the need for a new Law, Code or article to regulate the use of technological innovations that still need legislation.

Art.12. The provisions in these Bylaws are mandatory, and contracting affiliates are not allowed to compromise on their terms.

Art 13. Any change, revocation and implementation will be the responsibility of Winkore.

Art.14. There is no employment relationship between Winkore and its affiliates, whose legal nature is a business relationship and, for affiliates who develop network marketing, a business relationship as well.


Transitional Provisions 

Art.1. These Bylaws are effective within 30 days of their official disclosure, during which time everyone must conform to the standards set out therein.

Art.2. In the period of vacatio legis, that is, from official disclosure to the beginning of its term, Winkore must alert all contracting affiliates by all available means of communication.

Art.3. Aiming at the best moral and ethical practices and principles provided for in these Bylaws, these are reversed from mandatory burden and bind all affiliates and Winkore itself.