A BUSINESS THAT COMBINES Artificial Intelligence with the Digital Economy through an innovative affiliate payment system.

Focusing on simplicity, transparency, and profitability.


As a member you will benefit from exclusive products that give you the highest chances to succeed in the investment market, as well as access to tools, and services from around the world.


As an affiliate you will be able to generate instant commissions straight to your wallet through our innovative binary system that pays more than any other company in our industry.
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You will not waste months of your precious time trying to learn how to trade. With your Winkore membership you will be able to enjoy the simple to use, copy and paste products in the Forex and Crypto Market.


Our unique system allows every member to build the business and lifestyle of their dreams!


As our member you will have access to a marketing tool that is effective and simple to use to promote any business online.


Our unwavering commitment is to provide the highest value and experience to impact the lives of our community.


Create an account

The first step is to create an account in our system filling out a simple form with an username, email and password.

Choose your membership

Choose the WINKORE membership that best fits you. Each WINKORE membership comes with different benefits.

Enjoy the benefits

You will receive instant access to your backoffice and begin to experience the power of the decentralized economy.


All transactions are done pier-to-pier in a decentralized
way on the blockchain.
Get commissions instantly from
anywhere in the world.
Fast, Transparent, and Secure.
Commissions in real time
through the blockchain.
The future of the world’s currency.
A system that does not retain
money from anyone.
Powerful products that are
simple to use.



Alex Paim



Our world is changing rapidly and with the new technology we have the ability to remove the barriers between people and countries. We are positioning ourselves in the forefront of this movement to connect customers and vendors to improve people’s lives around the world.

Alex Paim



The first and only fully DECENTRALIZED system that distributes affliate commissions in real time without ever touching anyone’s money, through a Binary System that pays instant commissions right to your wallet.

A system that combines the digital economy and an innovative business model with the sole purpose: Improving people’s lives around the world.

A group of developers from around the globe, with a common goal: create a platform to bring together entrepreneurs to create business opportunities by connecting sellers and buyers with access to exclusive products and services to improve people’s lives. This innovative decentralized system was built in the cloud to bring full transparency and ease of use to all the users.

Through the blockchain it was possible to develop the first payment system that pays commissions to all affiliates without having to manage anyone’s money. This allows our system to process thousands of transactions per second to an organization with thousands or even millions of people.

The digital economy based on cryptocurrencies allows anyone to do business, sell or consume products and services regardless of where they are in the world. This is done much faster, with full transparency and total security, much different than in the old conventional way.

Cryptocurrencies are the freedom of the economy.

WinKore is your freedom.

We have an exclusive community that provides high quality products for people around the world. There are a few membership options for you to choose from if you want to join our community. Please click the join now button and select the right membership package for you.

WINKORE works with all crypto wallets. We have put together a list of different options you can choose from the options that are available in your country. VISIT HERE.

You can visit our youtube channel and watch videos that explain everything about our company. Also reach out to one of our members and they will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Depending on the wallet you choose you will be able to access your account via PC or a mobile device. Just make sure you secure your account by securely and safely store the password for your wallet.

There are many easy ways for you to buy ethereum. Due to our site being available around the world we put together a list by country of service providers.

We have a revolutionary affiliate system that allows our members to earn commissions when they refer other people to become a member. You will need to request their unique link in order to be able to purchase your membership.

Unfortunately not. Due to our aggressive affiliate compensation model, we put the power in the hands of regular people to promote and earn a commission for each membership sold. We do not allow people to sign up through our site if you don’t have a unique link from one of our affiliates.

Once you become a member of our community you guarantee your placement in our payment structure, but in order to continue to receive affiliate commissions you will need to remain active. If you become inactive you will continue to accumulate points but you will not receive commissions. Once you become active again you will still have your accumulated points and be eligible to earn commissions again.

Yes. Our referral program allows the people who put in the work promoting our membership to other people to enjoy the fruit of their labor. There are many ways you can earn a residual income with us.

With our compensation plan the sky is the limit. You can earn as much as you want based on the amount of work you are willing to put in.

NO. There is never money to withdraw from our company because all the parties involved in any given transaction are paid instantly in an automated system.

No, since our system is developed on the blockchain all transactions are final and can not be manipulated.

A pyramid scheme is when you have to get money from recruits to pay commissions to old ones. Our model is based on delivering the greatest products and for the most affordable price. When you join our community you are purchasing a membership full of benefits and getting access to amazing products. We do not collect investment money or promise to give you a return on investment, but we empower you to earn and have total control of your money.

The worst case scenario would be for you to pay for your membership and get access to our products and benefits. In other words, you not only are paying to become a member but you are getting access to amazing products that will improve your life.